GraphColoring Keyboard and Mouse Commands

Key Function
Escape Goes back to the last menu, or quits from the main menu.
Scroll Up/Down Scroll the level select menu.
Up/Left/Right/Down Moves the level viewport.
Ctrl+R Reset the level to the initial configuration.
Ctrl+B Load your best graph for a level.
0,1,2,3,... Save current graph to a save slot (save slots do not carry over to different levels).
Ctrl+0,1,2,3,... Load the graph from a save slot.
Ctrl+N Go to the next level.
V Make a vertex where the mouse is.
E Press when hovering over a vertex to start or end an edge.
X Press when hovering over a vertex or edge to delete it.
R View the rules for the current level.
P See how many points you get from each color of vertex or edge.
Left Click Change the color of a vertex or edge.
Right Click Start a path from the vertex you're hovering over or continue the path if it has already started. If you right click on the last vertex in the path, it will remove it from the path.
Q Cancel the current path.