smidi.gitA simple program for using MIDI controllers on Linux. root2 months
vsepr.gitA small program to try out some OpenGL stuff. root16 months
SVGDestroyer.gitA short program that replaces one digit with another digit to create strange SVG...root16 months
StringLearn.gitRate strings, and then generate new ones using those ratings. root16 months
toc.gitA programming language which compiles to C root16 months
pi.gitA small program to calculate digits of pi root16 months
name-generator-haskell.gitA Haskell library for NameGenerator root16 months website with mathematical demonstrations, games, and more. root16 months
qualums.gitA cellular automaton-like construct based on particles called qualums. root16 months
NameGenerator.gitA computer program that generates names using the frequency of trigrams (three l...root16 months
NameGeneratorEvolve.gitCreates names, asks you to rate them, and slowly learns which names are good. root16 months
hypershapes.gitCreate multi-dimensional shapes (projected onto the plane) root16 months
meanwhile.gitA befunge-like programming language with concurrency root16 months
JPGDestroyer.gitReplaces sections of a .jpg file with zeros to create weird images. root16 months
MagnetsAndroid.gitThe app for root16 months
box.gitA game wherein you are a box root16 months
BeePi.gitUses the system speaker to play pi root16 months
cOok.gitAn Ook! compiler root16 months
graph-coloring.gitA game involving graph colorings. root16 months
FiveThirtyEightImpossiblePuzzle.gitSolution to FiveThirtyEight's impossible puzzle. root16 months
ColorReducer.gitReduce the number of colors in an image. root16 months
genetic.gitA framework for genetic algorithms root16 months
AutoArtGPU.gitAutoArt that uses OpenCL to run on your GPU root16 months
AutoMap.gitComputer-generated maps root16 months
autoart-gl.gitA program which generates art, using shaders. root16 months
AutoArt-old.gitA computer program that generates art root16 months
autovcv.gitRandomly-generated VCV Rack patches root16 months
AutoCam.gitA program that takes a video from your webcam, puts it through a random function...root16 months
BallBounceAndroid.gitThe source code for the Android app for months
AutoVideosLive.gitAutoVideos that play live using OpenCL. root16 months
autoart.gitComputer-generated art root16 months
autodistortion.gitAn image distorter which uses randomly-generated functions root16 months
AutoArtAndroid.gitThe Android app for AutoArt root16 months
pokemem.gitA (Linux-only) tool for locating and modifying values in memory. root
mem.gitFind and change a value in a process' memory! root
boxcatapult2d.gitComputer-generated catapults root
audio-info.gitGet total length of audio files in a directory. root
shaders.gitShaders! root
ted.gitA text editor. root
FunctionSandbox.gitsimulates hundreds of thousands of grains of sand being pushed around by wind root
cropper.gitA very quickly put-together (Linux-only) image cropping tool. root
dlsub.gitA tool (x86-64 only) for replacing a subset of functions in dynamic libraries. root
bootstrap.gitBootstrapping a C compiler from scratch root