Upload an image to be distorted!
For more details and a faster, non-web version, see
Your image shouldn't be too large (i.e. high-resolution), because it will take longer to load. When you click the "Distort!" button, it may take a while to distort your image.
The seed is the number used for random number generation. If it is -1, a random-ish number will be used instead of it (the current time in nanoseconds). Setting it to something other than -1 can let you run the same distortion on multiple images.
The function length is the number of operators used in the X and Y functions. A higher function length will take longer to load, but will be more distorted.

Seed (-1 for current time)
Function length

Original image


This is a WebAssembly version of AutoDistortion. You can find the source code here: